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Replacing The Compass

Many teachers will have experienced the practical difficulty of asking students to work with compasses. And yet the educational importance of doing geometric construction work by hand makes these activities an essential part of many middle school mathematics teachers plans.

In the video productions below, Dr Chris Tisdell demonstrates how a circle template and straight edge such as those in the Mathomat template can be used to fulfil the requirements of the new draft Australian mathematics curriculum at year 7 (AC9M7A04)

The Mathomat template offers an alternative to the compass. Mathomat templates can be readily carried and accessed by students, and they are simple, self-explanatory and safe to use. Importantly, they offer a very high level of accuracy for students when working on geometric construction, and they open up a new level of creative understanding for geometry class. Each template within the Mathomat range, V2,V3,V4,V5 and V7 is designed with an extensive range of circles that are graduated so as to support the drawing work that is being demonstrated here.

OLM are delighted to have permission from Dr Chris Tisdell to present the video demonstrations below. These are of his use of a circle template and straight edge to replace the compass in geometric construction work. These videos demonstrations are part of Dr Tisdell’s exploration of the potential for circle templates and straight edges to replace the compass in middle school learning.

Contact Dr Tisdell direct on cct@unsw.edu.au or view his linked in profile here: http://www.linkedin.com/in/DrChrisTisdell

Index of constructions and proofs

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Line Segment Perpendicular Bisector & Proof

Angle Bisection and Proof

Construct perpendicular bisector of given line segment

Construct parallel line through a given point