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Mathomat Classic - Student Pack
Mathomat Classic - Student Pack
Mathomat Classic - Student Pack
Mathomat Classic - Student Pack
Mathomat Classic - Student Pack

Mathomat Classic - Student Pack

$16.95 AUD

  • A creative and technical drawing tool for active exploration of mathematics 

    The Mathomat Classic student pack comes with a 28 page instruction booklet, drawing ideas guide and the Mathomat Crystal template all within a handy clear wallet for easy storage within a ring folder
    • At the centre of the Mathomat template is a full 360 degree protractor with bearing, degree and radian scales for constructing and measuring angles
    • There are a rich collection of number lines around the sides of the Mathomat template; for measurement in millimeters, centimetres, at a scale of 1:20,000 and radian measurement (in conjunction with the unit circle on Mathomat)
    • Mathomat has a challenging collection of shape stencils for drawing 2-D and 3-D patterns, prisms and other solids for area and volume measurement and for many other technical and creative drawing tasks
    • Mathomat use fosters the development of mental imagery which is essential for success in mathematics. Drawing is an important part of mathematical problem solving.
    • Using Mathomat in primary schools helps in exploring 2-D pattern, shapes, symmetry, artistic designs and for maps, bearings and distances
    • Using Mathomat in secondary schools helps students to deepen understanding of shape property, trigonometry, the sketching of functions, tessellations and other 2-D patterns and for representing statistical information 
    • Inspiring to use.
    • Suitable for school years 4 to 9 and beyond.
    • Fits neatly into a folder so you can easily carry a complete technical drawing set.
    • A powerful tool for creative and technical drawing.
    • Use with related publications for hands on exploration of important concepts in mathematics.