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See The New Mathomat R300 Ruler

Optical Rule version two

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  • The new optical ruler is the same really useful tool for optical prescription dispensing as the original W&G ruler. The Optical Rule is designed for taking facial measurements in a professional consultation environment, as well for many essential measuring tasks during the specification and implementation of optical prescriptions.

    The new optical ruler version two has the following enhancements:

    • New ruler layout reads from left hand side of lower edge regardless of which way it is picked up. This avoids the "flip flop" needed to orient measuring tools
    • we now use metric both sides of the ruler, and the scale is a bit longer (150mm)
    • On the reverse of the ruler is: a new face form angle gauge, a set of three base curve radius gauges (approximate for CR-39), and colour printed fixators.

    Use the new optical ruler for measuring: frame size, frame let back angle, the position of lens heights and as a back up tool for measuring inter pupillary distances, or PD's