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Maths with Mathomat: Lesson plan series
Maths with Mathomat: Lesson plan series
Maths with Mathomat: Lesson plan series

Maths with Mathomat: a series of lesson plans for years 4 to 9 and beyond

$49.95 AUD

  • By Susie Groves and Peter Grover

    A series of comprehensive lesson plans developed to give teachers of years 4 to 9 (and in some cases higher grades) a glimpse of the tremendous potential for using Mathomat as an aid in the teaching of mathematics.

    These lessons explore key concepts in space with Mathomat, as well as other areas in mathematics such as measurement, trigonometry, algebra and number.

    The comprehensive nature and wide span of year levels in these lessons means that teachers need to adapt them to their individual needs. The lessons involve students working individually, in groups and through whole class discussion. 

    Topics covered by these lessons include: Tips for using Mathomat, familiarisation with Mathomat, 2D and 3D pattern, using parallel lines and isometric grids, symmetry, estimating area, constructing the envelope of curves, maps bearings and distances, patterns with circles, mystic symbols, and construction of the sine curve.


    • Inspiring to use.
    • Suitable for school years 4 to 9 and beyond.
    • Fits neatly into a folder so you can easily carry a complete technical drawing set.
    • A powerful tool for creative and technical drawing.
    • Use with related publications for hands on exploration of important concepts in mathematics.