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See The New Mathomat R300 Ruler
Mathomat Primary class pack of 40 templates
Mathomat Primary class pack of 40 templates
Mathomat Primary class pack of 40 templates

Mathomat Primary class pack of 40 templates

$295.00 AUD

  • Class pack of 40 Mathomat Primary templates 

    Class folder images.

    Our specially designed folders store templates efficiently and prevent scratching


         The new Mathomat Primary template

    The new Mathomat Primary template has a huge range of challenging geometric shapes to encourage students to learn about shape property through use of a hands on drawing and design tool. Like all Mathomat templates, the Mathomat Primary template combines the features of a technical drawing set (rulers, set squares, protractor and circles to replace a compass) in a single tool that is inspiring to use. This class set of 40 templates is supplied in a specially designed folder for compact storage without scratching. Use the Mathomat Primary templates to extend on from pattern and attribute block activities in the classroom as well as for creative numeracy challenges using the rich collection of number lines around the templates drawing edges.

    The triangle cluster in the Mathomat Primary template

    Some of the pattern block and attribute shapes in the Mathomat Primary template

    Measurement functions in the Mathomat Primary template

    Regular and irregular polygons in the Mathomat Primary template

    Navigating Mathomat Primary

    The new 50 page illustrated Mathomat Primary student book

    Five sections to develop deep, flexible, understanding of mathematics

    Section 1: Introduction and Section 2: Understanding Mathomat Primary shapes

    Drawing tips and familiarisation activities to encourage students to develop their own ways of classifying Mathomat Primary shapes and number lines.

    Investigations to encourage students to draw creative patterns, to begin to transitions from understanding shapes as visual wholes to analytical reasoning about their properties. Many of these activities extend from pattern and attribute block designs, encouraging learners to reflect and to create new geometric structure as they draw.

    Section 3: Mental maths activities

    Using Mathomat Primary number lines to make mental computations visible.


    The activities in this section develop number sense with story based problems that encourage learners to think about numbers, not just their concrete representation.


    Section 4: Exploring line and rotational symmetry, creative drawing activities

    Section 5: Diary

    A place to reflect on what has been learned. Illustrated below, the Mathomat Primary student book diary encourages students to think hierarchically about the template shapes.