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Explorer Investigation

Explorer investigations using Mathomat

This area is for use with the Mathomat Explorer student manual.

The Platonic Solids
The Archimedean Solids



  • More model making investigations
    • The duals of the Platonic solids
    • Exploring creative construction with pop ups and Mathomat 
  • 2D design that develops 3D construction skills
    • Tangrams with Mathomat
    • Magic egg puzzle designs with Mathomat
  • Proofs and definitions with Mathomat
    • Why can only 3 regular polygons tessellate/why are there only 5 Platonic solids?
    • Designing convex 2D and convex 3D objects with Mathomat
    • Proving that a rotation, reflection, translation or glide reflection can be completely defined once we know what happens to any three points not lying on a straight line