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New Products

Mathomat whiteboard templates

DOUGLAS square protractors

Online drawing investigations


Mathomat whiteboard templates; a tool for teacher led creative drawing investigations

The new Mathomat whiteboard template was successfully introduced in 2019. We are pleased to announce the availability of the new Mathomat Primary whiteboard template.

These tools can be viewed here.

Mathomat whiteboard templates are powerful demonstration tools, especially when combined with student use of the Mathomat template and the new MATH-O-BLOCK manipulatives (see below).  

Watch Richard Korbosky in action with these tools here. They can be used to guide whole class exploration of shape property and geometric relationships through drawing



DOUGLAS square protractors; combining geometric construction with angle measurement

Square protractors encourage geometric drawing simultaneously with angle measurement. They do this by integrating parallel sided rulers with a 360° protractor, making them powerful drawing tools. Our DOUGLAS brand square protractor has long been popular as a navigation and mapping tool in industry.

In June this year we released two new versions of Douglas which we believe will be useful in schools. This includes the Douglas Geologist protractor with special protractor features for use in geology teaching, and a metric version of traditional 5” Douglas for geometric drawing.

See the new Douglas protractor range here



Online drawing investigations with Mathomat and GeoGebra software

The first 11 of these video based lessons with Mathomat by Michelle Du Toit are now available at no charge here.

Seven of these initial video sessions involve quadrilateral theorems and proofs and were inspired by the wonderful lesson ideas in the book Advanced Euclidean Geometry by Alfred S. Posemantier, published by Key College Publishing. Alfred Posemantier wrote these activities towards the end of a distinguished career as a mathematics educator. The activities are designed as interesting explorations for mathematics teachers to use, as well as for interested and motivated students.

The narration and hands on Mathomat/GeoGebra activities in these videos by Michelle use her teaching skill to bring the activities alive.

We plan for production of these videos to become a long-term program, and have ideas for many more.

Future topics that we are considering (apart from some of the more challenging tasks set by Posamantier) will include; angle relationships, triangle properties, polygon properties, area formulas, transformations and 3-D solids.


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