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New Large Format Mathomat Templates

Our new range of large format Mathomat templates are 22% larger in area than the Mathomat V2. We have used this extra space to make many enhancements to the very popular Mathomat V2 design, including;

  • A larger, simplified, protractor to encourage more confidence in students
  • Larger polygons for bigger 2-D and 3-D designs
  • A new tangram tool
  • New arc builder scale
  • Regular polygon expansion scale for giant polyhedra nets

Mathomat V3
22% Larger
Mathomat V4
Create pattern block sized drawings
Mathomat V5
Extra large 180° protractor
Mathomat V6
Creative tool for polyhedra nets
Mathomat V7
Price fighter
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The New Mathomat Explorer Manual - available in October 2021

For Mathomat V2, V3, V4 and V5 templates. Check out the range.

124 pages of illustrated activities for Mathomat, the explorer manual creates active learning contexts that build student confidence, helping students to make sense of the mathematics as they do it. Projects in the explorer manual invite students to design, build and create their own designs using Mathomat and important geometric ideas.

New activities in the Mathomat explorer manual include:

A. A new section for 3-D model construction. We create step by step, illustrated instructions for building each of the Platonic and Archimedean solids. Big, engaging images of these intriguing and important geometric patterns encourage student involvement.

B. New 2-D design activities in the explorer manual encourage students to visualise 3-D plans as they work. These new activities include tangram and magic egg puzzles as well as some really interesting new creative 2-D drawing designs based on middle school use of pattern blocks

C. New activity sheets for practice of important concepts such as angle measurement

D. A new section introducing angles and introduction to the Mathomat protractor, including:

  • Time travel interviews by the Mathomat kids with ancient mathematicians, including;
    • An interview with Euclid, in which he explains his innovative ideas about the structure of rectilinear angles. A great way to add life to the normally boring, but important, notion in text books that angles have two sides and a vertex
    • We interview Proculus about his frequently cited argument that angles are really three separate ideas needing to be understood all at once. The Mathomat kids are challenged by Proculus to to understand exactly what it is they measuring when working with angles. We take this opportunity to challenge the commonly held idea by students that side lengths for angles determine their magnitude.
    • In an interview with three mathematicians from the Renaissance the Mathomat kids are challenged to consider that not all angles are right angles. In this activity the idea that angles can be 0, 180 and 360 degrees is introduced.
  • Finding angles in the wild. In this series of activities the Mathomat kids take their new, dynamic, understanding of static text-book angles, learned from the ancient mathematicians and use them look for examples of angles in their natural, wild, habitats around the home in the school grounds. There are four activities in this section of the explorer manual;
    • Corner angles; a search for angles found in corner situations which the Mathomat kids draw using Mathomat
    • Slope angles; a search for the 2-D angles found in situations such as rooves, room corners and hiil slopes, which the Mathomat kids represent with 2-D drawing activities
    • Limited turning angles, found in situations such as opening doors and scissors which the Mathomat kids learn to imagine in dynamic form and draw statically using Mathomat
    • Unlimited turning angles as spinning food mixers and rotating bike wheels, which the Mathomat kids also learn to imagine dynamically and then draw statically.
    • Mathomat protractor practice in which the Mathomat kids build on ideas created in earlier activities to learn step by step how use the Mathomat protractor. Remembering to estimate is important.
        E. Much more is planned.

        Mathomat NEW V3 Template Products

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