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Grants — Creative Geometry

Grants for creative geometry with the Mathomat Explorer version template

The $750 Grant

Applications should propose a lesson, or lesson sequence, in the following geometry topics:

  • Symmetry
  • Tessellations and 2-D pattern drawing
  • Pyramids, prisms, polyhedron, and 3-D modelling
  • Maps, bearings, and distances
  • Measurement
  • Scale drawing, enlargements, and transformations
  • A proposed topic within the geometry strand of the curriculum

Grants will be awarded to those applicants who have proposed lessons, or lesson sequences, that appear to have significant potential in enhancing student learning outcomes from classroom geometric construction activity; and which use the new Mathomat template with Explorer Manual.

Applicants will be provided with sufficient Mathomat materials to implement their proposed lesson sequence.

Outcome from the lesson proposal will need to include:

  • A 3–5-minute video recording of the teacher demonstrating their lesson for student and parent/guardian interest
  • A 3-5-minute video recording that can be used by peers for professional development. This recording should address student assessment, sequencing issues and the key variables in the lesson that were important
  • A written, 1–2-page, critique of the Mathomat materials for OLM to consider

It is expected that the two video recordings will be run on the Mathomat website, and may be used in professional development presentations by John Lawton, or Chris Tisdell.

The $500 run-on Grant

Where the critique from stage one recommends improvements to the Mathomat materials, and these are implemented by OLM a second grant is offered for scholarship holders to re-design and re-implement their lesson sequence using the enhanced materials. A second set of 2 videos and a written critique are expected as an outcome from this second stage.

Assessment of this application will be by John Lawton and Chris Tisdell.



Download Grant Application Form