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See The New Mathomat R300 Ruler

The new Tangram and Magic Egg Puzzles Activities in The Mathomat Explorer Manual

These creative drawing activities offer students the opportunity to demonstrate their creativity and to develop their problem solving and geometric drawing skills.
These 2-D drawing puzzles are also great preparation for the 3-D drawing challenge in the following section on polyhedra.

The Investigate Tangrams investigation

explores the many creative ways to arrange the 7 pieces in the ancient Chinese tangram puzzle. 

The activity also introduces students to the use of the new tangram tool in Mathomat.

Exploring The Magic Egg Puzzle with Mathomat

The curved lines in the magic egg puzzle pieces can be used to create graceful, artistic designs.

The magic egg investigation introduces students to the new arc builder scale in Mathomat.
Puzzle solutions and additional challenges with Mathomat can be printed from the Mathomat Explorer manual users support section