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Mathomat Senior V2
Mathomat Senior V2
Mathomat Senior V2

Mathomat Senior V2

$13.95 AUD

  • Mathomat Senior V2

    Mathomat Senior V2 will be available in term 3, 2024

    This new template has been specifically developed for sketching and presentation of senior school work.

    Mathomat Senior includes a central protractor that is also the unit circle for the study of trigonometry. A tangent line that can be used with the unit circle. Graphing curves for sine, cosine, tan, quadratic, cubic, parabolic, hyperbola, and normal frequency distribution curves. Mathomat Senior includes shapes for and sketching outlines for 3D solids used in area and volume calculation.

    Mathomat Senior aids students in visualising functions, it is a powerful tool for projects and classwork involving geometry, measurement, fractions and graphs. 

    Mathomat Senior V2 has the following new features.

    • Larger template size. Curves and shapes in version 2 are larger
    • A new quartic graph.
    • New cubic graph.

    Mathomat Senior comes with:

    • A cluster of larger sine/cosine curves of various amplitudes and periods. 
    • Shapes for drawing the frequently used 3D solids (cylinder, cone and square pyramid). Including large 30mm sided rectangle and square prisms
    • Special triangles (1,1, √2 and 1,2, √3).
    • A great range of graphing curves for presentations by senior students.
    • A set of circles with 5 different diameters.
    • A set of 4 different squares. Trig
    • Tangent line, designed for use with the 360° protractor.
    • Large rulers for millimeteres, centimetres and for trigonometry.

    The Mathomat Senior template has been specifically designed to meet the needs of mathematics students at years 10 – 12.