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Mathomat Classroom Resource Sets
Mathomat Classroom Resource Sets
Mathomat Classroom Resource Sets
Mathomat Classroom Resource Sets
Mathomat Classroom Resource Sets
Mathomat Classroom Resource Sets
Mathomat Classroom Resource Sets

Mathomat Classroom Resource Sets

$420.00 AUD

  • Classroom Sets

    Set A - Class set of 40 Mathomat templates in binder, with a set of all four teacher resource books for Mathomat and one each of the Mathomat 4th edition and Snappies student books.

    $420 including GST

    Set B - Classroom set with 40 each of Mathomat, Mathomat Primary, Mathomat Senior and Netbuilder templates supplied in storage binders. Set of all four teacher resource books.

    $995 including GST

    Also available:
    Set C - A classroom set with the same contents as H106 00010 above with templates in individual storage wallets. Supplied in storage tub.

    $1030 including GST



    There are four different versions of the Mathomat template included in sets B & C

    The MATHOMAT Primary template

    The new Mathomat Primary template has an expanded range of geometric shapes, including many interesting irregular polygons as well as an extensive range of regular polygons that challenge students to develop a deeper understanding of shape property. Mathomat Primary shapes can be used to extend lessons using pattern blocks and attribute blocks.

    The Mathomat Primary template includes a rich collection of number lines to develop numeracy through counting in millimetres, centimetres, by 5's and by 10's. The Mathomat Primary template includes a central half circle protractor, compass rose and a circle marked with 100 divisions for pi charts.

    The MATHOMAT template.

    Mathomat is a complete technical drawing set in a single instrument combining protractor, rulers, set squares, and a great range of geometric shapes. Mathomat is inspiring to use and promotes active learning when combined with well crafted lessons, such as those in the following Mathomat publications. These lessons offer a glimpse of the enormous potential that MATHOMAT has for technical and creative drawing. More information can be found at the template overview.

    The NETBUILDER template

    The set of 40 NETBUILDER templates included with resource sets B & C will allow students to investigate an inspiring range of polyhedra by drawing complex nets for them quickly and with precision.

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    The MATHOMAT SENIOR template

    The Mathomat Senior template includes a range of curves for neat sketching of the graphs of functions for sine, cosine, tan, quadratics, cubic, hyperbola, normal frequency distribution and for exponential relationships.

    Mathomat Senior has a full circle protractor and a useful collection of number lines, as well as stencil shapes for sketching in 3-D and for 2-D patterns.

    Mathomat Senior is a powerful tool that assists students to visualise relationship in senior school mathematics, by promoting the neat and efficient presentation of class work through the use of drawing.

     There are four teacher resource books for Mathomat supplied with sets A,B and C

    Geometry and Beyond with MATHOMAT

    By Michael O’Connor

    These lessons for middle school have a geometry focus and make extensive use of commonly available classroom materials such as pattern blocks, The Geometer’s Sketchpad software and the Mathomat template. These lessons can be used for replacement of rote text book activities with a more interesting perspective.

    The author follows themes in this book through various year levels within the Australian Curriculum, Mathematics.

    Geometry & Beyond with Mathomat

    Maths with Mathomat: A series of lesson plans for years 4 to 9 and beyond

    By Susie Groves and Peter Grover

    The 11 comprehensive lesson plans in this book explore an exciting, diverse and important range of mathematics in a way that fosters deeper student understanding through mathematical investigation and students communicating their results.

    Explore topics such as symmetry, tessellations, construction of polyhedra, the sine curve and mystic symbols with MATHOMAT as an active learning tool.



    Maths with Mathomat


    Space and beyond using Mathomat: More than 100 investigations for years 4 to 9 and beyond

    By Steve Lewis and Ted Marks

    Mathomat is a widely available and inspiring teaching aid for students to use. In this series of investigations the authors unlock much of that potential. As Dr Paul Swan says of these investigations in the Foreword to the book “For those unfamiliar with the Mathomat I suggest you purchase one and work through some of the activities contained in the book, it may forever change the way you teach some topics”. The investigations are formatted as photocopy masters. Answers in the form of completed investigations are included


    Space & Beyond Using Mathomat

    Mathomat Instructions Text Book and Units Of Work

    By Craig Young

    The original instruction text book for Mathomat from 1972 is reproduced here, with updates for the new Mathomat template design. This 116 page book of photocopiable investigations with Mathomat reveal the passion for teaching of Craig Young, the designer of the original Mathomat. These investigations introduce middle school students to the use of the Mathomat template for linear measurement, navigation, the use of the protractor and much more. Mathomat is an inspirational drawing tool which encourages students to interrelate the various branches of mathematics through technical and creative drawing. These beautifully illustrated lessons demonstrate how this can be achieved.


    Mathomat Instruction Text Book & Units of Work