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Sketchmaster<br>Combined Ruler Template
Sketchmaster<br>Combined Ruler Template
Sketchmaster in storeage wallet
Sketchmaster<br>Combined Ruler Template
Sketchmaster in storeage wallet

Combined Ruler Template

$3.50 AUD

  • The Sketchmaster Ruler

    Sketchmaster is a powerful drawing tool for secondary school classrooms; combining central protractor, millimetre and trig graph scales with useful geometric stencil shapes for sketching solids, creating interesting 2D and 3D patterns and for trigonometry, and for drawing the graphs of functions. Sketchmaster includes isometric lines for technical drawing, and includes binder holes for easy storage.
    Key features:
    • A group of useful shapes with common side lengths for drawing tessellations. 30cm ruler.
    • Easy to use protractor with location hole for marking angle vertex.
    • Large circle with 360º protractor & unit circle markings.
    • All shapes are labelled and numbered for easy reference.
    • Isometric lines.
    • Number line.
    • Binder holes.
    • A great range of matched shapes for technical drawing.
    • Cluster of prism shapes for 3-D drawing.

    The Sketchmaster is designed to assist basic and complex sketching; it's convenient size suits pencil cases and folders.