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New from Mathomat


Available June 2016. Download brochure for more details.

Mathomat ruler Model R300T. Years 4-9 and beyond.

Available May 2016. Download brochure for more details.

Mathomat is available through leading school suppliers and stationers.
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Classroom Resource Kit and Mathomat Explore Mathomatics brochure cover

NEW: Mathomat 4th edition

The Mathomat template with all of the features of a technical drawing set, stores easily in a folder for instant creative drawing. The new 4th edition student book contains 24 hands on Mathomat based investigations into real world mathematical problem solving. Use with the Mathomat eBook, now available in the iTunes and Android stores.

Revised for 2015 with new investigations that can help you to develop your geometric reasoning ability - two of these new investigations are shown below.

Download the new Mathomat brochure

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Mathomat Templates 40 Pack

NEW: 40 Mathomat template pack

The new 40 template class set binder for Mathomat. Hold a useful classroom quantity of 40 Mathomat or Mathomat Senior templates securely in this specially designed folder. Stores easily on a bookshelf, templates are held securely to avoid scratching. $250 incl GST and feww delivery in Australia

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Classroom Resource Kit and Mathomat

Classroom resource kit: Explore the enormous creative potential in the Mathomat template.

Class sets of 30 Mathomat™ templates and 30 Netbuilder™ templates with four teacher resource books. Scratch proof template storage.

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New Chemomat template now available.

Free sample offer for secondary school science department evaluation. Contact

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The physical Mathomat template

is supplied in a student storage wallet, but can also be kept inside a ring binder. This powerful drawing tool has all of the features of a technical drawing set (rulers, protractor, set squares and plenty of circles and ellipses to replace the need for a compass).

Mathomat also contains many mathematically important shapes and scales

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Keeping your Mathomat handy means that measurement and technical and creative drawing is always possible, in school for projects and classwork and in daily life. Many of our best customers are adults who have kept using the Mathomat they had from their school days. Mathomat is a useful tool to use in conjunction with computer-based drawing.  The edges of Mathomat have a set of really useful rulers including: a millimeter scale, a number line (and axis marking tool) in centimeters, a linear radian scale and a street directory scale at 1:20,000.

Mathomat is densely packed with mathematically important shapes, arranged in clusters, examples of some of them include: the tessellation cluster of regular polygons with common side lengths, a set of important triangles, two shape clusters for drawing prisms and a graphing cluster. The great range of circles and ellipses on Mathomat replace the need for a compass. Use the right-angled sides on the Mathomat with its parallel and isometric lines as set squares for technical drawing”.

Mathomat is supplied in a number of different student pack options, as well as in class packs with a range of teacher resource publications

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The Virtual Mathomat® seamless transition between hands on and computer based learning. Free for purchasers of the Mathomat 3rd edition. Just key in your unique access code from the inside cover of the Mathomat 3rd edition student book or buy a copy now.